Lambskin Wool & Microfiber Wash Mitts & Gloves


The Lambskin wool Wash Mitts are specially made for wet
washing & dry cleaning dust.
The Wash Mitts are very soft & fully washable.

They are available:
  • in two sides lambskin wool
  • one side lambskinwool & other side microfiber
  • printed on the elastic wrist band
  • in any wool color or wool height
  • with thumb or without


Ideal for cleaning LCD screens - Best product for home use

Manual back up pads available in round

or rectangular shape, with lambskin wool

sleeves for shining any surface needed.

Wash mitts , screen mitts , wheels and duster mitts ; with thumb or without , for general purposes , standard size

  1. Made from 100% genuine lambskin wool
  2. Protective, comfortable and very efficient
  3. Fully washable, Air dry
  4. Protective for fingers, comfortable
  5. Available in:
  • Natural white color,
  • Black wool color,
  • Grey wool color
  • or any custom ordered color from our chart