Twisted & Tufted Wool Polishing Bonnets


Made from 100% four ply twisted wool yarn in soft wool or coarse wool version, with a hard backing in PVC.
Available in double sided or single side (velcro or bolt on type):
- in white original wool color (100% wool)
- in yellow acrylic mixed wool blend (60% acrylic, 40% wool)
- in white acrylic mixed wool blend (60% acrylic, 40% wool).


For the double sided bonnets, we also have the 'Extension Adaptors' in M 14 - 5/8" thread.

Made in aluminium, very light & extremely durable.

The Extension Adaptors are very important during polishing applications because it keeps the bonnet at a certain distance from the machine, preventing any damage and machine overheat.


Sizes Ø ----------------------- --------------------- --------------------- Packaging: each piece is individually bagged                                                                                standard boxes size for each 47 x 47 x47 cm

Ø 205 MM  OR      8 INCHES, single side bonnets ----------------------- 75 pieces in each box
Ø 205 MM  OR      8 INCHES, double sided bonnets -------------------- 45 pieces in each box
Ø 155 MM  OR      6 INCHES, single side bonnets ----------------------- 100 pieces in each box
Ø 155 MM  OR      6 INCHES, double sided bonnets -------------------- 65 pieces in each box

Check warnings / instructions below

Instructions for use & safety:

Step 1: Always wear eyes protection glasses & safety gloves.
Step 2: Recommended speed - 2000 to 3500 R.P.M.
Do not exceed 5800 R.P.M. Use only with Back-up Pad.
Step 3: Press firmly on the center of the polishing pad to insure contact with back-up pad face.
Polish at a low angle - almost flat - on the surface being glazed.
On contours and detail lines, reduce machine pressure to avoid burning.
Polishing Pad Care and Cleaning Instructions:

Periodically rake pad with buffing spur or air nozzle to remove excess glaze.
If pads becomes clogged, remove & install a clean pad, and continue polishing, allowing the used pad to dry.
When the used pad dries, clean by either spurring or washing or with any wire brush.
If washing is desired, use warm water (up to 115oF).
Do not use hot water, strong or alkaline detergents or solvents.
Use washing machines with gentle agitation only.
Machine drying is not recommended. Air drying is enough.