Lambskin Wool Polishing Bonnets


Adaptable on all types of electrical polishing tools or pneumatic angle  polishing machines.

Tie on Type:

Sizes Ø --------------------------------Packaging: each piece is individually bagged  -------------------------------------------standard boxes size for each 47 x 47 x47 cm

Ø   80 MM  OR      3 INCHES ------------ 750 pieces in each box (10 pcs in each bag)
Ø 100 MM  OR      4 INCHES ------------ 420 pieces in each box (individually bagged)
Ø 125 MM  OR      5 INCHES ------------ 250 pieces in each box (individually bagged)
Ø 150 MM  OR      6 INCHES ------------ 200 pieces in each box (individually bagged)
Ø 160 MM  OR   6.3 INCHES ------------ 150 pieces in each box (individually bagged)
Ø 180 MM  OR      7 INCHES ------------ 135 pieces in each box (individually bagged)
Ø 200 MM  OR      8 INCHES ------------ 105 pieces in each box (individually bagged)
Ø 225 MM  OR      9 INCHES ------------ 80 pieces in each box (individually bagged)
Ø 250 MM  OR    10 INCHES ------------ 75 pieces in each box (individually bagged)
Ø 420 MM  OR 16.5 INCHES ------------ 30 pieces in each box (individually bagged)

• Made from 100% natural genuine lambskin wool

• Machine degreased, full chrome tanning

• Wool height from 15 MM to 45 MM

• Available in soft wool or coarse wool version

• Density and wool fineness 52's Count & up

• Green or black cord

• 100% silicon free product

• Available in any diameter Ø


Check warnings / instructions below
Attaching Polishing Bonnet:
1. Drill or polisher must be unplugged
2. Fit bonnet over the backing pad and pull draw string tightly
(see illustration on top of the page)
3. Tie a bow knot and remaining string should be pushed under
the binding
Note: No string should be exposed
Loose string can cause injury
Do not dry in the sun - Air dry only

Instruction for use:
Recommended speed - 1500-2500 RPM. Do not exceed 3000 RPM. Use only with Back-up Pad. To install: Step 1: Center the polishing pad on the back-up pad. Step 2: Press firmly on the center of the polishing pad to insure contact with back-up pad face. Polish at a low angle - almost flat - on the surface being glazed.
On contours and detail lines, reduce machine pressure to avoid burning.
Polishing pad Care and Cleaning Instructions:
Periodically rake pad with buffing spur or air nozzle to remove excess glaze. If pad becomes clogged, remove, install a clean pad, and continue polishing, allowing the used pad to dry. When it dries, clean either by spurring or washing. If washing is desired, use warm (up to 115oF) water. Do not use hot water, strong or alkaline detergents or solvents.
Use washing machines with gentle agitation only. Machine drying is not recommended. Air dry only.
Do not exceed 3000 RPM drill or polisher speed. Keep hand away from bonnet when in operation. During buffing operation, always wear eyes protection glasses & safety gloves.