About us

KAMELTAN s.a.r.l. is a specialized company manufacturing a wide range of products from 100% genuine lambskin wool.
Every morning, we receive the sheepskins in raw condition and we treat them professionally through washing, tanning, re-tanning, toggling, drying and mechanically degreasing on Tetrachloro-ethylene.
We also have a wool processing department for buffing, ironing, carding and dry shearing the sheepskins thoroughly, backed by a confection and stitching department and finally by a finishing, trimming, cleaning, dispatching and packaging process.Industrial-Area

We are proud to be the 5th generation of tanners from the Kamel Family, considering that our factory was initially founded in Lebanon, in 1898. For more than 30 years, our company went through different business adaptations due to the unstable regional economic situations.

JRK (Joseph R. KAMEL, Tanneries-Usines) close down during the Lebanese civil war in the 1980's.
KAMELTAN was started in 1996 at the same old factory location built in 1968 on Dora Shell industrial street, Sector No.1, Kamel factory building. The newly restarted company was oriented toward only tanning and manufacturing wool on sheepskins and lambskins, making any product from the same sheepskins pelts joining tradition with innovation.
We are a medium size industry employing 35 to 45 persons, depending on the supply and demand of the market.
The factory is actually operating on 6000 square meters with an equipment of 65 machines.



The famous KAMELTAN know-how in Tanning and finishing high quality skins, has more than one hundred years of experience. KAMELTAN finished first class quality products are subject to a yearly improvement with new technologies and environmental friendly chemicals as well as a vegetable tan oriented production.

We have the reputation of being one of the cleanest and most environmental protective tanning industry in the Middle-East.

Our main goal is to reach the finest finished quality products and supply them at very competitive prices based on the international market. We also make many custom-designed products and private labeling with special designed packaging.

Since 1996 till the present time, KAMELTAN exporting activity has reached 38 different countries, with 90% of our yearly production exported to Asia, Europe, USA, Russia and the Arab countries ... Inside the Factory
Our plans are to build up a full range of high quality products made from 100% genuine lambskin wool and destined to different markets such as:
Automotive industries, boats and fiber glass manufacturers, furniture, wood, parquet flooring, glass and marble industries, aircrafts maintenance plants.
We also aim at building a various range of entertainment products such as: Ear muffs or horse saddle covers, special gloves, make up pads and computer keyboard and mouse rest pads and many other decorative flooring products, such as sheepskin pelts and cow hides with hair on.
Since we have the raw material available and ready to be processed, we are open to any new industrial design related to any special created product, or any innovation, even if it needs a patent to be commercialized. Please feel free to send us your ideas or comments on our inquiry form  appearing on this website, we will have the pleasure to produce new items.
Our field is wide enough to permit us to make toys and other pet products, in which we are not specialized as we are in the industrial products and tools that we manufacture, but we are ready to manufacture these products under specified orders.